The Magellan Bermuda is here, it is in the final stages of development. The ultimate portable showstopper for duo acts on cruise lines, corporate events and any show where the performers would prefer to travel without extra shipping fees or freight charges. Two person presentation. Both feet separated and dangling with NOTHING visibly in contact with the feet. If you are familiar with the Magellan Master Levitation, this is similar in a couple of ways, but the path is MUCH more complex, confusing, and completely new. This piece has been created from the ground up, literally.

It weighs less than a pound over the weight of the Magellan Master Levitation! And, it fits in a 29" spinner suitcase. And with the 18.35 lb. weight, it left room in my luggage for my B-screen and more! 

At this time, I will only be creating these on a custom basis. 

The Magellan Bermuda

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