Videos of Magellan performances

"After I saw him do this, I went up to him, congratulated him on the BEST self-levitation there is. PERIOD. I even gave him a hug. I'm not a hugger, most of the time. But Jimmy's self-levitation is worth five hugs!"-Bill Palmer, the world's foremost magic historian, authority on levitations and academician


"The highlight of the whole World Magic Seminar was an impromptu, late-night performance, given by Jimmy Fingers. He performed a close-up levitation, which he invented."-Rick Lax, Las Vegas Weekly


"If I endorse this, I'll never sell another of my levitations..."-Walter Blaney, upon seeing Jimmy's presentation in Fort Worth, Texas, during the T.A.O.M convention


"The reaction to this levitation was one of pure astonishment... I was amazed at how wide the angle for this levitation was... I was one of the few people who Jimmy shared the secret with.  Let me say that this is genius if I ever saw it."-Father Photius, suspension and levitation expert


"I love this for so many reasons - it's practical, it's portable, the angles are very good and it's well-built. About the only negative with this is that you can't do it surrounded. That's a very mild negative and honestly I can't recall ANY levitation that looks this good with perfect angles. If you want to actually rise in the air in front of your audiences, this is awesome."-Cris Johnson, expert family show performe


Full, real world review, as seen on The Magic Cafe

As promised, here is our review of Jimmy Finger's Magellan Master Levitation. We rate it FIVE STARS. In the first performance, we had a young magician who was attending the party agree to perform it for the first time. Due to an earlier injury to my ankle, I was very disappointed that I wasn't the one performing it. He was vaguely aware of the system, but was willing to try it. After receiving very brief instructions from me, he proceeded to move to the far section of the room, passed the audience (about 150 in attendance), carrying only the foulard. The buzz before the party was that the Magellan Levitation would be performed, so everyone eyed the foulard as Greg Lancer walked toward the corner of the room. Because the corner was clear and uncluttered, everyone was trying to figure out how the gimmick could possibly find its way to the spot where it was to be performed. The answer lies in the brillance of Jimmy Fingers. He covered all bases in his developement of this incredible illusion. 

With no fanfare or introduction, Greg turned toward the audience, smiled (kind of a sheepish smile)and slowly pulled the foulard up over his body. In a manner that would appear that he is shaking out the wrinkles, he was actually setting up the performance. He kinda looked down at the ground and then his gaze looked upward as he began to slowly levitate. He reached a height of about 18" with his feet dangling as if he was being held up by his neck or shoulders. Once he reached the height he wanted to achieve, he dropped the right side of the foulard and it hung free of his body and feet. He received a very thunderous applause from everyone in attendance, includng me. At that point he reached over and gripped the end of the foulard with his right hand, pulled it back in front of him and slowly descended to the ground where he received a second round of applause. In a very natural manner, he bent over, bunched the foulard together, and took a well deserved bow. He then bundled the foulard into a heap and carried it out of the room with absolutely no one knowing how he did it. The rest of the evening was centered around Jimmy Fingers' incredible new illusion, THE MAGELLAN MASTER LEVITATION. And everyone started to adopt the current TV commercial, "that even a caveman can do it." 

ANGLES: From our limited use of it, it appeared that the angle to be most concerned about would be the performer's stage right angle. As seen in Jimmy Fingers vid, he performed it with bright lites and on the center of the stage. 
SET-UP: Simplicity to put it mildly. For what it is, it is a brlliant creation with abslutely nothing left unattended to, in terms of set-up and clean-up. All of the movements required appear to be natural extensions of how we function as human beings. Nothing looks contrived or unnatural. 
PERFORMANCE: When the audience sees your feet dangling, they immediate realize that you are not standing on a support or any other type of platform, no matter how small. YOU ARE INDEED LEVITATING. Since the audience can see your complete body at the moment you reach full levitation, they have to be scratching their heads and saying to themselves, "NO WAY". But yes, there is a way, it's called the Jimmy Fingers Magellan Master Levitation. 
CLEAN-UP: Really folks, it's so easy a caveman can do it without being detected. Greg did it for the first time and was actualy amazed himself that it worked so well without detection. 

Pamela Tassey, magician, under direction and recommendation of Bill Thomas, former producer for the Pendragons

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